Getting to Great Keppel Island

Flight Charters To Great Keppel Island

Great Keppel Island Plane Charter

Great Keppel Island Plane Charter

Great Keppel Island has a small airstrip that accommodates charter flights directly from Rockhampton. These flights are usually operated with a single engine prop aircraft. The flight time is usually in the area of 15-20 minutes.

The cost of the flight is approximately $80 AUD one way for adults, but prices changes with the seasons and economy!

You can also fly direct to Great Keppel Island from Rockhampton. The flight lasts for 15 minutes.

Contact the following flight aircraft chartering companies for reservations and price details:

Ferry Charters to Great Keppel Island


Great Keppel Island Ferry Charter

Great Keppel Island Ferry Charter

If you aren’t a big fan of flying on single propeller planes, there is also the option of the ferry charter that leaves from the Rosslyn Bay marina. The ferry operates under the name “The Freedom Fast Cat”. There are three ferries a day that leave from Rosslyn Bay -with departures at 9am, 11.30am and 3.30pm, with the ferries returning to Rosslyn Bay at 10am, 2.15pm and 4.15pm.


Day Departure from Pier One Rosslyn Bay – Yeppoon and GKI

Monday    10:30am                        3:45pm           combo/ transfer
Tuesday    10:30am                        2:30pm           cruise/transfer
Wednesday   9:15am                        3:45pm           cruises/transfer
Thursday    9:15am                       3:45pm           cruises/transfer
Friday   9:15am & 3:00pm             10:00am & 3:45pm       transfers only
Saturday    9:15am                        3:45pm           cruises/transfer
Sunday     9:15am                        3:45pm           cruises/transfer

The cost of the ferry ticket (round-trip)  is around $50 AUD for adults and $30 AUD for children

If you’ve prebooked a hotel in Keppel Island, you can ask them to make all the necessary ferry reservations for you. Timetable and prices are valid as of February 1, 2012

    • Phone: (PierOne Freedom Fast Cats) Ph: (07) 49 336 888

Freedom Fast Cats Website: Freedom Fast Cats

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