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Great Keppel Island is a stunning and picturesque island located just 15 km from Yeppoon on the coast of Central Queensland, Australia. Great Keppel Island is the largest island in the Keppel Group. The island has an area greater than 14 square km -- roughly 1,400 hectares in size and consists of natural brush land surrounded by a thin coast line. The interior of the island is abundant with native wildlife and numerous walking trails -- a perfect place for the adventurous.

"Great Keppel Island Beach View"

Great Keppel Island

The Keppel Group was discovered by Captain James Cook in 1770. The chain of islands is plentiful with various amounts of marine life and situated on a spectacular coral reef…diving and snorkeling in the crystal clear 25 degree waters are a must for enthusiasts. There are 17 beaches on Great Keppel Island, all of them are breathtaking! Getting to GKI is not an arduous task as there are numerous modes of transportation from Rockhampton, either via sea or air. Great Keppel is approximately a 7 -to 8 hour drive from Brisbane and can be managed in a day’s time.

(Below is a brief interview with Geoff Mercer, owner of the GKI Holiday Village Hotel, taken from YouTube Geoff discusses some of the attractions of Great Keppel Island as well as his hotel accomodations…enjoy!)

Accommodations on GKI are not as plentiful as the wildlife -- currently  the Holiday Village is only available for visitors as the Great Keppel Island Resort is closed until further notice for renovations and repairs. It is rumored that there have been efforts to build a new resort on Great Keppel Island, backed by Tower Holdings. Apparently, they plan on pouring $1.15 billion into a revitalization plan for the island; including a 300 room resort, apartments, villas, marina, golf course, and yacht club.

The climate is perfect and Great Keppel Island makes a wonderful vacation getaway for the whole family.

"Great Keppel Island Beach"

Great Keppel Island Beach

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